TIFF14 – Pressure makes diamonds, so Sparkle!

TIFF has come to an end and we can’t say we’re happy about it. After all said and done, we feel a bit like Frodo through the LoTR Trilogy. We start off happy, eager and ready to work but by the end we are a very different version of our former happy-go-lucky selves. TIFF is a marathon, not a race and we wouldn’t change one bit of it. This year we had the pleasure of representing five films at The Toronto International Film Festival including: Cake, The Guest, Backcountry, Welcome to Me and My Old Lady. Here are a few of our photos from our press days and premieres from #TIFF14!

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<em>The Guest</em> hits theatres in Canada   on October 10, 2014!

TORONTO CANADA, September 22, 2014 – D FILMS will release the Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival hit The Guest in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal on October 10, 2014 with further expansion nationwide in the week following. [.Read more.]

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